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Turuncu Sepet

Reach the pinnacle of quality!

Apex fresh fruit, vegetable and nut trading company began to build its foundations in 1987. While it was a small shipping company at the beginning, it has developed its customer portfolio over the years with the quality service and confidence it provides. During this growth period, he spent his capital on land investments in Turkey's fertile lands.  

In this way, he is now producing the products he started to work with! It presents it to the world with its active network.  

Along with these services, our company continues to prove its loyalty to its customers with after-sales support services.

Our Mission!
Providing the best quality fruit and vegetable products in accordance with world standards for optimal profit is the basis of our mission.

APEX Fruit and Vegetable Export

Reach the pinnacle of quality!



Organik Domates




Limon Ağacı


Genel Merkez
Kamyon Otopark


APEX Fruit and vegetable import and export company is a Turkish company headquartered in Istanbul. We offer all kinds of fruits and vegetables obtained from fertile lands in Turkey's geography in the freshest way in the domestic and foreign markets.      

Our Mission!
It is the basis of our mission to offer the best quality fruit and vegetable products in accordance with world standards, from the producer to the consumer, with the aim of optimal profit.


Our values!

  1. Dialogue with our customers for a long-term cooperation.

  2. A team of multilingual and experienced salespeople!

  3. Network structure to meet hot demand.

  4. A preparation team familiar with multi-product palletization.

  5. The most favorable pricing policy.

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