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General Center

Headquarters, branching and quality control center operations are developed entirely in relation to the corporate quality culture. We dominate logistics operations as much as we dominate quality!


In the map you examine on the side, every container and truck leaving the regions where we produce is rechecked and reviewed in accordance with the standards before customs procedures are carried out at these stations. And it is directed to the relevant customs points.

During our fast shipments to Europe, the Istanbul headquarters will only allow the products to exit when a third check is made. In this way, your controls and system progress more agile during sales. Other branches outside of Istanbul support port studies where ship shipments are made. In this way, the products are checked 12 hours before they enter the port areas, and they approve their entrance to the ports, and undertakes that the products will be of the right quality and will be intact throughout the long-haul cruise. It guarantees the life, quality and shelf life of the products!

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