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Image by Jocelyn Morales


Our company started to work in this field with its strong R&D team in 2018! In 2021, when the nuts sector, known as the rich product of the nuts sector, ended its studies on hazelnuts, it collected 1200 tons of hazelnut crops in its first year in the 50 hectares of investment area! With the year 2021, the fields are invested every year, and our harvest is increasing day by day! You can view this year's harvest photos below.

  • Nuts are subject to optional options.

  1. Shelled

  2. Natural (not roasted)

  3. Single roasted (blanched)

  4. double roasted 

  • You can optimize it stacked in sacks of 10-20-30 kilograms or packaged for your brand.

  • Product standards that represent our brand are subject to discount.

  • We are with you! The proportions of your orders do not need to be very large, the capacity of each of our customers is equally valuable to us! We ship up to your minimum 200 kilogram orders! 

  • For more detailed information please  contact  please go!

Protects Brain Health

Prevents Constipation

Lowers Cholesterol

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